Amtrak train 259 North

ford-theaterI’m on an north bound Amtrak from Penn Station to Hudson, NY. It’s been a long day of travel having woken up at 5:20 to catch a bus to a plane in Eagle, CO then a layover at DFW, plane to Newark, bus to Port Authority, walk to Penn Station and train to Hudson. I just spent a great week in Colorado working for Celebrate the Beat. It was a week long residency in which 130 kids danced at the Ford Amphitheater for the Vail International Dance Festival. It’s amazing the precision and work that goes into creating a 4 minute dance with so many children. It’s also incredible playing on a stage like that.

Before my week in Vail I did a rock & roll tour with Tommy Stinson and some incredible musicians. Frank Ferrer (Guns & Roses) hit the drums, Cat Popper (Norah Jones & Jack White) thumped the bass and Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi All-Stars) rocked lead and slide guitar. It was a short east coast run, 4 dates sandwiching the Newport Folk Festival. Tommy and I were a little late for our set and rolled up, took a leak in the porta-potty and ran up on stage to rock out. It’s so fun playing rock & roll! I played keys naturally and sang a little harmonies.

tommy-bandAt the beginning of July I taught at a school in Manhattan for a couple of weeks. I worked with┬ákindergarteners – 4th graders in creating a piece of music they composed based on science. Given the short amount of time I had to work with them I thought it came out pretty well.

The week before that I taught a jazz camp at Hawthorne Valley which was a lot of fun as well. It was a smaller group though all the kids who took it were engaged and learned something more about music, theory and jazz. I love inspiring kids to get into music.

This blog lacks word colors and details I have in my mind but I’m a little spaced out from this traveling day. Also, the motion of the train humming down the tracks is making me a little dizzy while I stare at my computer screen.