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IMG_7829It’s a slightly brisk fall morning as I sit sipping a dirty chai tea at Lohi Local in Denver, CO. My last blog post on my website was January of 2016. Today’s the first day of October, 2017, rabbit rabbit! After brushing off an initial feeling of, what the hell would I write about if I were to add another blog update, I type on a new MacBook Pro my life has afforded me to purchase; it’s charcoal colored, the MacBook, like the color of my waxed autumn jacket.

IMG_2579Since my last post I, celebrated the 6th and 7th birthday of my gorgeous daughter, Louise, went to Colorado back and forth a few times, worked and traveled with the National Dance Institute to Shanghai and the Karst mountains, toured with Tommy Stinson and Bash & Pop and recorded an album with them on Fat Possum records, played the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and shook his hand, played for and met Michelle Obama again, saw an atrocious bag of tan sprayed tangerine 🍊 narcissistic lunatic shit-head be elected to the presidency of the United States, bought a used black RAV4 with JBL speakers, broke up from a relationship that was long overdue, met an incredible love and partner that lives down the street and who’s dad owns the music shop across the street from me, Image-1-2was commissioned by the Hudson Library to draw their new building and have my art printed on a canvas bag, saw the last commissioned building I drew for Kite’s Nest burn to the ground, flew to Wisconsin a few times, cried, laughed, drank, taught music, 🎶 played music, drove around, ate incredible food and some not so good food and got food poisoning for the first time. One major thing I have coming up is directing an opera written by Gertrude Stein and Virgil Thomson called the Mother of Us All this November at the Hudson Opera House. This will be a new experience for me.

IMG_0308-2There’s always work to do and views to choose to acknowledge or confuse and make into truth. I’m enjoying the challenges life has to offer on a broad sense and feel incredibly fortunate for all the opportunities I have and all the people I know. It’s easier to take for granted all that is good when it’s sitting right there in front of you. That helps me when I can remember that, especially with all the shit I’ve been through and that life has thrown at me. I nice waft of marijuana blows through the air as a guy in a faded Coca-Cola t-shirt types on his phone before entering the Colorado cafe. I have to get back to the apartment to finish scoring for the show I have coming up in Crested Butte on Thursday with Celebrate the Beat, not before stopping at Native Roots.

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