This is a song I composed as a commission from the University of Saint Joseph Art Gallery in West Hartford, CT inspired by this Georgia O’Keeffe painting. Enjoy!

Sarasota Sounds Sweet Right About Now

dad-louise-skiingIt’s still so fucking cold out! I did go skiing with Louise and Roger, Bird Man, the other day at Catamount. I felt the crisp cold northeast air on my face while I walked up the bunny slope in my snow boots, pulling Louise who was attached to a red harness strap thing.

It was a good week at Kite’s Nest. We composed a new song, Cannibal Animals that is a combination of chord progressions the kids created that was run through a looper, singing, live percussion and guitar. It’s fun exploring the ways in which to compose music and share that with these kids. They are engaged and enthusiastic for the most part about what we’ve been exploring and creating.

lighthouseIn Hawthorne Valley news, I’m officially an assistant teacher to the jazz program. Sweet! I taught there today and performed a little concert for the high school with my friend Stu, a killer flute player who started the jazz program at Hawthorne Valley. In jazz band, we worked on different ways to approach improvisation as well as soloing over ‘stop time’. I told them about clusters and how to use them as tools to improvise.

Voodoo__HelsinkiBerkshireDaily_MAR_13_v1PrizeBobby Previte, an incredible jazz drummer who I’ve been playing with in his band, Voodoo Orchestra North, among other things called me the other day to see if I was interested in doing a couple of gigs.He just won the Greenfield, their mission being “… to bring into the world works of art that will have a significant impact on the broad as well as the artistic culture of our society.” The reason I mention this is because he asked if I’d like to go down to Sarasota, FL, play a little bit and be his liaison at the award ceremony because he’s going to be on tour in Kalamazoo with Charlie Hunter. I said, yes. The other gig is the following week at a 24 hour drone festival down at the Basillica in Hudson.

I’m going to go for a walk outside despite the freezing temperature. It will get warmer, right?


This is kind of a #tbt portrait because this coffee shop has moved down the street. Enjoy! Drink coffee… or tea.swallow-web

Cold Sound

glen-david-andrews-tony-2-crIt’s the dead of winter and bitter cold outside. I’m thankful for my warm apartment and to be where I am, though I am looking forward to warmer weather. I’m thinking that the ground hog who saw his shadow was correct in predicting there’d be 6 more weeks of winter.

I had a couple amazing teaching moments at Kite’s Nest this week. We’ve been working on composing and looping in the class I’ve developed called Re-Sound. In the last class, we worked on understanding what a chord is and how to write it as a roman numeral. We used IIV roman numerals representing the 7 scale degrees of the major scale. I then had them choose any four chords, or roman numerals and write them out in any order they wanted. Next I played them on my keyboard, telling them what the number of chord I was while playing. We then randomly chose two chord progressions and I looped them in Ableton Live. We thought about what we’d like to hear along with the chord progressions and started building the track. Most of the kids got up and recorded something that we looped. The first amazing teaching moment was when the kids organically started harmonizing along with the track. I slowly turned down the volume of the loop to listen to everyone harmonizing together. Such a beautiful moment!

glen-david-andrews-tony-1-crAfter lunch I had everyone individually compose lyrics or a poem inspired by the track we created in the morning. Everyone got up and sang or spoke their song on a microphone that was run through a speaker. Before performing, I had each of them choose a band name. I think this helped bring some levity to the nervousness some of them may have had in performing in front of their peers. After each one played, the others cheered wildly, some jumping up on chairs and shouting their band name. Everyone was encouraging and I had some remarks after each piece. I told one of the young girls who wrote and sang her song that she had a beautiful voice. A look of surprise, embarrassment and pride, among others flooded her face as she said, “No one had ever told me that before!” Seeing the smile and expression on her face is at the core of the joy you find and can create in teaching.

The week prior I had a gig at Helsinki Hudson playing solo piano in a benefit for the hospital in town. Glen David Andrews, a hot jazz trombonist from New Orleans was there with his band to play after I was finished. To transition from the end of my set into his, Glen joined me for a number by the baby grand in the ballroom. For those of you who don’t know the incredible layout of Helsinki Hudson, it’s a restaurant, club and event space. There’s an upstairs ballroom that leads down to a dining room that can open up into a night club. It’s a gorgeous layout and Glen sang and played his trombone like the pied piper leading the party downstairs and into the club.

I didn’t know that any of this was going to happen until after I got to the gig. I’ve known of Glen and have heard him but hadn’t met him yet. I found him outside in his red van, trying to keep warm while sitting on a doughnut and smoking a cig. Pete, the sound guy introduced us. Glen rolled down the window and asked what I wanted to play. “Bourbon Street Parade,” I replied. “What key?” he asked. “Ab”. “Perfect” he said before rolling up his window shortly after that to keep warm. It was incredible when he came out and started singing while I was at the piano. What a booming N’awlins voice and spirit! Everyone followed him downstairs and into the club where the band picked up “Bourbon Street Parade” and the party was on.

My daughter, Louise and I are going to be hanging this weekend. I’ve been teaching her how to knit and we’re working on a scarf for her doll, Lemona.

Hear You Sing

Here’s a little love song I wrote a little bit ago. It feels a little bit more like a warm weather song, something I’m looking forward to in this freezing dead of winter. I spent last night in NYC playing a Mardi Gras event with my friend Kat and my friend Conor playing drums. I just got back in time to release a song for this week. Enjoy!

Spotty Dog Books & Ale

My drawing for the week. A favorite place of mine in Hudson, New York​ for beer, books and music. Spotty Dog Books & Ale​. I played here last weekend with a nice little jazz quartet. Enjoy!spotty-dog-web

Just Give Me a Reason

Just Give Me a Reason is a pop song performed by Pink and Nate Ruess. I love playing pop songs and coming up with alternative ways of playing them. Enjoy!